Class of '65, Narimasu High School, Tokyo, Japan

45th Reunion in Honolulu, Hawaii, June 6, 2010
Stan Yamamoto Jeff Livingston Pam Tuck Mullis Bob Seelos Lillain Higuch Fesler Jan Oglesby Schiller Cecil Andrews Karen Sorenson Singleton Bob Gelwicks Pat Cavaco Kessinger Stanley Fairconnetue Marsha Koeber Thrall Karen Lipsey Loffredo Helena Hu Zimmerman Jan Hillman Bowman Lauri Gill Bennett Peggy Niess Rhodes Cathy Van Natta Sacasas Ellen Sayama Arakawa Candy Clawson Gans Lynette Nichioka Sakamoto
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The Narimasu Class of '65 has established an e-mail list.  Someday, we hope this list will include everyone who was a member of the Class of '65 from Narimasu, Tokyo American High School.  If you were a member of the Class of '65 you are encouraged to subscribe to the list.  To do so, CLICK HERE and follow the directions you receive in e-mail.

If you have comments, suggestions or problems with this web site or the e-mail list, e-mail Cecil (or just click on his shiny forehead in the photo above).

Check out Ellen Arakawa's 45th Reunion Newsletter, HERE (in pdf format) or HERE (from iWorks)